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Deadline for January & June Classes
January 2nd 2024 
May 27th 2024 your contact and
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Know (if) your Self-EKG Rhythm Strip
needs to be seen by your Physician

$5 Person per Session

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'Monitor Tech Jobs'


We are here to help YOU! succeed!

Medicine doctor cardiologist diagnose and examine patient virtual heart with intelligence

James DST
Online EKG Rhythm Strip Interpretation Course



Enroll Today!!!

and 14 weeks after you successfully complete the classes, you will qualify   to work as a

 EKG Monitoring Technician 


  • Learn to interpret EKG rhythm strips.

  • Learn to recognize low & high Blood pressure changes. 

  • Learn to recognize dangerous changes in O2 saturation for the critical care units.

  • Learn to operate sophisticated equipment. 

  • Plus, test your data entry skills & speed                            Most importantly:

  • Work directly with Doctors & Nurses    

  • Qualifiy for the National Certification               

  • All of this in less than 14 weeks at a cost less than a months salary of a fulltime employee.                                                                  

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Education Classes

EKG Course of Classes

  • Introduction to instructor, course, process, and Q & A (1D)

  • EKG History, Terminology and receive copy of Arrhythmia definitions (2D)

  • Heart Anatomy and Physiology Dynamics  (3D) 

  • Electrical Conduction System Dynamics (2-3D) (Rate ruler, calipers, etc...)

  • Exam

  • Operation of the Electrical Conduction with A&P and Introduction to the EKG

  • EKG Measurements including Standards and protocols (3D) 

  • Mid-term Review and Exam (1D) (1st op for Final Exam)

  • Atrial Ventricular Blocks and (AV Blocks)-practise (4D)

  • Atrial Rhythms - practise (4D)

  • Ventricular Rhythms & Intraventricular Conduction Delay (IVCD/BBB)-practise (4D)

  • Review Atrial and Ventricular and Exam (1D)

  • Overview of equipment, Processes and Protocols (1-2D)

  • Cover O2 Saturation, Blood Pressure, Stress Testing, Holter

  • Scan & Echo (1-2D). Also, will cover 'Data Entry'. 

  • Course Review (1D)

  • Course Final Exams (1D)

  • *NEW* <> There will be an online Data Entry Exam

  • Click on Complete Syllabus for 'Forms' 

  • then click on 'Syllabus' to read 'Policy and Procedures' for all students. 

  • Please follow directions in syllabus, sign and intial as required

  • then fax, mail or email signed areas.

Course P and P
Cell phone on a notepad, next to a laptop

  • Start your Future in the Healthcare field. 

  • Receive life-long skill in an area where Jobs are plentiful

  • Develop new contacts.

  • And we provide information on available  jobs.

Course P & P

     Every medical facility wants a hero working for them. No not someone extraordinary, but someone like you and me.  An individual who is willing to work hard, sacrifice their time, be compassionate and show empathy for those who are hurting.  They want a person with the proper knowledge and skills, along with the willingness to be educated and trained on the job.


     The training we provide will meet the American Heart Association (AMA) standards for EKG interpretation and principal guidelines for performing procedure.  Our classes provide the training and education necessary for developing the skills and knowledge required to become a valued member of the health care community.  Our teaching process emphasizes anatomy & physiology, techniques for measuring data, understanding the system and repartition.  In addition, the student will become familiar with the type of equipment used by most health care facilities for monitoring the patients, along with the standard process used for documenting information.


       Our classes are design to recognizing dangerous EKG Rhythms which claims millions of lives every year by following the basic rules, definitions and guidelines for interpretation.  We will cover blood pressure, respiration rate, and O2 saturation which are prime indicators for serious problems, including sudden death; also, included is general process for standard job duties, procedures and protocols. 


As a bonus for the national exam, there will be discussions on Holter scanning & process, Stress Testing and a brief overveiw of Cardiac Ultrasound. 

Required Equipment:

      The training requires aids such as paper & pencil, visual, audio, and text.  It will require accessing devices such as computers, laptops, cell phones and tablets to perform work on the internet, as well as a printer. Other aids include calipers, rate rulers, calculators, paper, magnifying glass and notebook for storing materials.


The method of training will be done through online process either live, recording, or virtual.  Some class assigned will be from other online teachables.


How quickly a person learns the information or process will be determined by the student's work ethics, focus and ability to grasp the information through our method of teaching. The responsibility for learning is the students. but we will be there to assist in any way we can to help them succeed. 


Contacts will be done via text, voicemail, and emails. 

(Go to enrollment below)

A Good Reasons for taking this Course:

  • You can make a difference!!!

          (View jobs at ' or Monitor Tech Job List' above.

                   ***BE A HERO FOR YOUR COMMUNITY***

Student Policies & Procedures




       My name is James Stuart, I have worked in the field of cardiology since 1978 as a Technician and Supervisor / Manager of an EKG department. I served in the EKG Department at Hillcrest Medical Center's (HMC) and Oklahoma Heart Inc., for 41yrs and two years as a Monitor Technician at Hillcrest South Hospital. While serving as Chief Technician, I help initiate the EKG Monitoring program at Hillcrest Medical Center's (HMC) Main campus. 

       As the Supervisor I had the responsibility of developing classes to educate others in the field of electrocardiography. This required working multiple personalities from a social perspective to the individual personalities to the different educational backgrounds of medically inclined students to professional staff (High School Students, College Students, EKG staff, Arrhythmia Services staff, Nurse assistants, paramedics, Nurses and Interns); as well as the variety of locations to teach (High schools, Trade schools, colleges, EKG departments, Arrhythmia Services departments, and Education departments).  These classes were normally performed in their facilities.  In order to achieve the needed training for such a diverse group, I developed and implemented multiple education and training programs with class specific protocols for 16 rural and local facilities. 


During this process I begin to recognize the need for more trained individuals in the field of Arrhythmia Services and 12 Lead EKG, so I developed, implemented and taught independently to people interested in becoming a part of the health care system. I have been doing this for over 40 years with many successful outcomes. So, I decided to create an online program which would allow me to train many more people and that is why this program exist.


I know I can provide an opportunity for someone to improve their lives (Must be 18 or older) or help someone who is seeking a new direction in their lives and others who need a foot in the door of the health care community. 


Let's see if we came make it happen for you!!!

        I hold an Associate Degree in hospital Management, Bachelor Degree in Business Management, and Master Degree in Business Administration. My pre-Thesis was on 'Quality standards for Performing 12 Lead EKG on a National level. 

        My resume can be seen on LinkedIn by following this link (

      Personally speaking as a retired member of the medical community, I want to continue to be of service, by sharing my knowledge of Electrocardiography to others through these classes.   


Thanks everyone and God Bless

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