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The Testamonies stated on this page are freely given by individuals who have participated in one or more of these classes or trained and educated by the instructor.

Testimony Tasha

Mon 4/19/2021 3:39 PM

     Sorry for the delay...on 4/3, i wrote this in my memo  instead of texting it to you. If this is too long...i can rewrite:

"I am a recipient of the specialized cardiovascular training from (James Stuart).  It has opened many doors of opportunity throughout my career path. After traning, I began work as an EKG monitor technician for a CVICU while attending college during the evening. Once i tranferrd to a university, I was able to use my CV skills to obtain a position at a nearby hospital. Upon graduation, i was hired to work in the Cath Lab for a few years before beginning a career in cardiovascular pharmaceutical sales. I believe the training you will receive from this program is invaluable and can expose you to many different areas of opportunities. Your contributions to the health care industry will prove beneficial to many healthcare providers as you work  together to improve  lives and help others. I would highly recommend the JSCVP (James Stuart CardioVascular Program).

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Bart Helms

July 24, 2009

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Section Testamony

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Bart Helms R.N. at SouthCrest Hospital reported July 24, 2009,

A First degree connection

Bart reported directly to James Stuart 

    • For over 10 years, I reported directly to James Stuart. James was a very fair and responsive supervisor. He treated all his employees with compassion and respect. He always encouraged me to use my strengths to my advantage and promoted continueing education. I am sure he would be an asset to any position in your company.

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