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Touch by an Angel

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

There are many jobs in the medical field that are very important to the life of the facility or/and the life of visitors, family, staff, physicians, vendors and patients. Some of those areas are environmental services (Housekeeping), maintenance (Plummers, biomed, electricians, carpenters, build maintenance, painters, architects, and groundkeepers). These jobs are vital for the sovereignty of the facility. They provide touches which ensures the beauty, access and safety for the users of the building. Angels whose touch effect everyone in the healthcare business and unsung heroes.

There is another group of Angels who also touch the same lives', and little is known about them and their impact. These jobs are those held by hospital Technicians. They include but not limited to Lab, respiratory, X-ray, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, CT, MRI, Surgery, EKG and Monitor Technicians. The information these areas provide for the physician and nurse about the patient is lifesaving. Of these areas, the EKG and Monitoring departments provides the most immediate lifesaving information. That is the reason finding good people to fulfil these jobs are so important. I am during this blog so people will know about these jobs and especially, Monitoring and EKG.


I am pushing the enevelop so people who aren't will know and people who are aware can help someone who is searching begin a journey through Electrocardiology as a Monitor Tech. Our website at or similar training sites can begin that journey for people needing direction and skills.

Skilled EKG and Monitor techs are needed as seen on website and ours. We will start offering monetary incentives over the next 4 weeks to get people enrolled.

Thanks, God bless

Learn more about jobs in a health facility, become a lifesaver.

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